Kamis, 02 Juli 2020

Learning from Home

The pandemic isn't over yet. The schools are still closed. In our country, we are told to learn through the national television. So the government makes education programms for every level and the students will watch them from home. Different grade different time.

After the tutor explain about half an hour for each grade, there will be questions, and the students must send the answer to their teachers via WhatsApp image or video.

These are my children doing their study at home.

Sabtu, 27 Juni 2020

While at Home

I have three children. All of them are girls. Age 11, 7, and 5.

These several pandemic months when schools are closed. The three of them become closer, mostly because they have no other friend to play with. Sometimes, it's quarrel, sometimes it's a play together.

Today, they said they are going to have lunch together with their friends in the Qur'an learning course near home. So I cooked them this.

This is rice (our main source of carbo), crispy cubed chicken, and fried noodle.

Have a good day, everyone.

Rabu, 24 Juni 2020

A New Beginning

This is my late mother in law's closet. It has been partly broken. But it is still useable. We moved back to this house when she passed away a few years ago, and we have to bring our things from the rented house and squezed them so that they fit to this house together with the things belong to my parents in law. We cannot let my father in law live alone.

This closet holds my second daughter's clothes, pillow cases and curtains, but since it has open spaces, we keep on putting unrelated things there as if it is a place for the unreplaced properly yet properties. Over the years, I've been trying to tidying up and minimize everything, like putting away broken things that can't be fixed, or donating clothes so that this house feels more breathable. Two houses' furniture fit into one is what made it crowded.

But, to have three little daughters and to have mix living with a not very healthy father in law is quite a job. And to also do house works and stay sane to keep your marriage works well is another good job. So those are my reasons why some places in this house are always messy. Some might feel that these are excuses, but whoever has faced life like I do won't think they are. And, while I keep trying to tidying up things in my life, I decide to write it down to keep track and see what I've done so far, and who knows if there are any support from the outside to make my days brighter.

This old closet is my project now. It's quite big and probably took a lot of work to repair. We have other closets, and if we get rid of this one, the things inside it should have a new home. I'm still thinking about squeezing other drawers as an alternative. What I've been eyeing is this tv cabinet.

This is the picture of the drawer below the television. Yes, I know. It's messy. Those are my children's toys. I need some see through and cleaning. What I heard from Ms. Anthea Turner is "Get rid of something unless it is beautiful, useful or extremely emotional". That's the rule.

Another rule that I know is that this is not going to be any of the before and after in a blink of an eye videos on YouTube. This is going to be a slow work as I must do other fundamental housewife tasks like food preparing  and taking care of children which are very time consuming.

Hope we all have a cheerful day